Plain Packaging Cigarettes Essay Topics

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The UK is the latest country where tobacco companies cannot market their brands on their packets.

No wonder we're addicted to junk food. Neuroscience shows food packaging affects our enjoyment of these foods, and plays on the same brain processes as hard drug addiction.

The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has reportedly backed Australia’s laws on plain tobacco packaging implemented from December 2012. The apparent decision marks the end of the last of three cases brought…

Parents need to know the truth about formula milk.

Cigarette brands present images of slender, stylish women and strong, independent men. Plain packaging breaks this positive brand identity for some smokers.

The decision to tax sugary drinks in South Africa faces furious industry opposition, but global experience shows industry cannot be trusted to put public health before profits.

Big tobacco companies have found a way around plain packaging with clever marketing techniques that undermine Australian regulations.

Hidden links between tobacco companies and tobacco control opponents may be hindering plain packaging legislation around the world.

Big Tobacco relies on tactics of deceit, delay and frustration which it has developed and refined over half a century.

Australia's plain packaging win over Philip Morris will kill the ISDS bogeyman.

It is three years since Australia fully implemented its historic tobacco plain packaging law. From December 1, 2012, all tobacco products have been required to be sold in the mandated standardised packs…

The experience of Canada, which agreed to an ISDS clause in its North American Free Trade agreement, should give pause to Australia.

Cancer Council Victoria is contesting British American Tobacco's request for survey data about teenagers' smoking habits. Here's the story of a UK research group who faced a similar request.

Imagine you were about to buy a property and were advised that in two years time, a major freeway would be built two hundred metres away, greatly diminishing the value of your purchase. Then imagine you…

The latest part of the TPP to be leaked is its investment chapter. And like almost everything we know about the secretive negotiations for the agreement, it provides plenty of cause for concern.

There is near-universal agreement that Australia’s implementation of tobacco plain packaging in December 2012 has seen the most virulent opposition ever experienced from the global tobacco industry.

As the House of Lords look set to approve plain packaging, from the tobacco industry's point of view the battle is not over yet.

The illicit tobacco trade is a key part of the campaign against plain packaging but tobacco companies could have done more to stem it.

The government’s decision to allow MPs to vote on standardised packaging before the general election will finally bring to an end the tobacco industry’s three-year campaign to prevent regulation of cigarette…

We are still waiting to hear whether the UK government will rule in that all tobacco products should be placed in standardised packaging. Jane Ellison, the under secretary of state for public health, has…

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