Factors That Influence Child Development Essay Ideas

  • Introduction
  • All humans go through a series of stages relevant to age and experience. The collective changes from birth to adolescence of a human being are referred to as child development. It is regarded as the most important part of human development because it is the time when an individual is moulded into his or her individuality and identity. Social, physical, emotional, and intellectual changes during this stage are most dramatic and critical. Self-awareness, reasoning, independence, and mastery begin when a child slowly engages in socialization thereby developing characteristics and abilities which could last a lifetime.

  • Discussion
  • There are many factors which influence child development. Social and environmental factors such as the family, school, peer, and community help define the role and disposition of a child in these units. In these units, he is slowly being taught how to initially think, socialize, and later to discover himself. Heredity plays a crucial role in cognitive, physical, emotional, and personality development of a child. With the physical makeup of a child and the reaction of the social and environmental factors to his aesthetics, he begins to develop his personal views shaping his idea of what and who he is. Economic and political institutions bombard a child of social and cultural values which teach him how to think, act, and interact as a person to others. Biological factors such as medical care, nutrition, and environmental hazards affect the growth of a child’s body and mind while critical life events such as traumatic experiences may alter the growth of personality and identity. With all the factors involved, a child has a direct hand in his own process of development. Each has his own freewill and this freewill allows a person to choose, accept and reject, learn and unlearn, do and ignore anything and anyone around him. He has the ability and chance to select people, interests, and activities. In summary, child development is dependent on personal choices and external factors.

    Developments among children can be both universal and individual. In the early stage of development, all children go through the same changes of physical, cognitive, and emotional changes. Simple motor skill developments such as eye focusing and walking are the most common transformations, alongside these, the development of language and logical reasoning skills are also observed.

  • Conclusion
  • The cluster and pattern of developments is highly observable among children as they continue to learn and grow. With the rapid changes coupled with the internal and external factors involved in the personal development of a child, his identity and personality are shaped and reshaped. In the end following all the necessary changes to make a child capable of even little independence, he embarks on a journey of self-knowing which only he can define and redefine using his freewill.

    How Families Influence Child Development Essay

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