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Dissertation writing requires assistance from experts to be flawless and presentable. it is a document that can impact the entire academic career of a scholar and he cannot rely on any service that claims to provide high level assistance but does not maintain authenticity when it comes to content for research. In contrast, Dissertation Help India works with the principle of providing only original matter to a scholar.

There is an edge to the services of Dissertation Help India, in that it offers customized help. So a scholar takes help only for the part of research where he faces challenges in writing or understanding the complex working of statistical research. This is ensured by creating direct contact between the student and the guide, so that the exact needs are conveyed and the scholar can expect to get precise assistance on time.

As the name suggests, the service provides professional help to students at the Master's level. It differs from the comprehensive writing and editorial services, as it is more focused and provides chapter wise solutions for dissertations. One requirement of the service is that the scholar must have finalized the topic and got it approved from the university committee. Same follows for the dissertation proposal. Once the initial stage is crossed, we provide complete assistance to ensure that the scholar understands the work allocated to him. The e-learning tool that we adopt helps us in achieving the desired results. Planned and professional working has made us attain a success rate of more than 77 per cent.

Be it statistical help or dissertation topic selection, our service hits the bull's eye and makes you solve the problems in the least possible time. Due to our reputation in providing dissertation help, we can guarantee a positive evaluation for your research work. Compare the performance of any other service with us and you will be surprised by the results we achieve.

What draws students to our services is the transparency of functioning. We charge our services according to the number of hours dedicated by the guide for the dissertation work. This leaves no room for doubts regarding the price paid and quality of service. We offer specialized support services for scholars in the universities of UK. Completion of research work will be easy with the services that Dissertation help offers. Please quote Dissertation help service while making an enquiry about this service

Dissertation writing can at times pose to be one of the tougher tasks known to students. Obviously there are various reasons for this and it is a fact that students do require help from outside agencies for a smoother flow of the progress of their dissertations. The help can be of various types - ranging from full help to partial help, to consulting to editing to language check to advice and suggestions related to the selection of the topic to help on the subject on which the dissertation is based and the like. The list of various types of help is way too many to be actually jotted down. This is also because the nature of help require depends on the student, his/her background as well as the topic and the nature of research one is required to perform.

www.dissertationindia.com is a website committed to help out students with their problems regarding dissertation writing. We have various plans for students and though we have categorized the normal problems that students face into plans, one may even select a custom made plan and tailor the help we would provide, if needs be. We have strong roots in this industry and have already successfully catered to thousands of students and young researchers on almost all subjects under the sun. We have both full time and part time writers and also subject editors who work round the clock to meet the deadlines mentioned by our clients. This apart, we have access to various resources that make our job much simpler. Our claim that we are the best in the industry for helping students and researchers with writing dissertations is based on the infrastructure we have, the writers and editors we have on board, the various plans we have devised to effectively cater to all sections of students and researchers and also the vision of the company.

Fair Use Policy Statement     "The papers provided by www.dissertationindia.com serve as model papers for students and are not to be submitted 'as is'. These papers are intended to be used for research and reference purposes only."

Key Points

Customers purchasing a custom model answer from Dissertation India must use this as a guide only to help them to produce their own piece of work. 

The custom model answer that the customers purchase from Dissertation India should not be considered by the customers as their own work. 

Dissertation India does not give any copyright for the work that it commissions for its customers.

How to use our service?

What is the purpose behind custom report/dissertation/essay?

Students spend a lot of time in reading huge research material, which may or may not contain relevant information to their studies.  Also, the style in which that material is presented is rarely the same as the style in which they will need to tackle their assignments. The tutors sometimes give valuable guidance on the essay writing process, and only very few of them meet the issue head-on by providing students with example answers designed to show the student how the essay should be tackled.  It is a very well-known fact that one of the best ways of learning is through examples. Practically all of our knowledge is acquired through this way since the day we are born.  Hence, a custom model answer provides one of the best research tools a student could wish for.  The answer gives the student an example of how the questions can be tackled.  It may not be the only way the questions could be tackled by the students. Indeed it may form an entirely different view to that of the researcher – but the model answer will provide the student with a starting point to conduct their own research and to write their own work.

How to use the report provided by Dissertation India?

You should use your custom essay very much in the same way you would use a book or journal that you found on exactly the same subject. Just as you would not copy from the book or journal, neither should you use the researcher's work word-to-word.  Instead, you should examine the ideas and arguments the researcher has presented and try to create your own work. You can also look up the material the researcher has found, and use their bibliography to 'snowball' your own reading.  Details.

Read through the essay so that you understand how the question has been answered.

Try to develop your own ideas and arguments.

Look up the material the researcher has found for you, and use this to find more material.

Use the essay that our researcher has produced as a guide to producing your own work.

Ensure that your final piece of work is 100% original and formulated using your own creative thoughts.

What is plagiarism?

Here are some examples of what plagiarism is (click on the links to see these examples in context below):

Passing off someone else's words as your own.

Passing off someone else's ideas as your own.

Rewording a source but retaining the original ideas it contains, without giving due credit.

Failing to put a quote in quotation marks.

Copying large sections of someone else's words or ideas, even if credit is given or quotation marks are used.

Giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation – for example, citing a source that the real author has found and used, that you do not have a copy of

Changing the words but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit.

Every university has a different definition of plagiarism but we are confident that most universities would agree with this list.  

Some of the universities do not like students using our service; it is not plagiarism to use our service if it is used in accordance with this fair use policy.

If the work is copied entirely without changing it, will it get caught?

Our work is 100% original, written to your specification, so if it were handed in to a university then the university would not know from using a plagiarism scanner alone that you had used our services, because the work we supply will never be uploaded to the web. 

However, this is not to say that your tutor would not recognise the fact that you had handed in work that was in a different writing style to your own, or that you used sources you would not normally have access to.  Further, the tutor may ask you to explain the work to them, which may be difficult if you haven't done the research yourself. Handing in our researcher's work without changing it is plagiarism because you are 'passing off someone else's words as your own'.   Even 'changing it around a bit' would be plagiarism, in accordance with the definition we gave you above. The custom research we provide will be of far greater benefit to you if you use it in accordance with our fair use policy.  You'll improve your grade, learn how to write a great essay and feel a great sense of satisfaction for having done a good job, on your own merit.

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