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When in Chinese food? Some may say it's Americanized, but still! Yummy! Hands down, the best dish here is the Szechuan Beef. Seriously so so so so good! Thinly sliced and fried pieces of beef, sauteed in a delicious savory sauce, served with steamed broccoli. It's kinda like having beef prepared like orange chicken, with a slightly different flavor. Just try it! The slippery shrimp is also a popular one. I had this dish a couple times. I would say 80% of the time, this dish is on point. The other 20% I felt like the shrimp was a little soggy. Flavors are great though. Lastly, I recommend getting the crispy pan fried noodles with the seafood/combination toppings. The noodles are different from the usual Chinese restaurant crispy noodles. Here they're thicker and have a different consistency, with less crunch than you'd expect. Flavor-wise, no complaints here! Quick Tips: 1. Parking in the back, tips only. Free if you're getting pick-up orders to-go. 2. Can be very busy during peak hours, weekdays in the morning when they open or in the afternoon after lunch rush hour is perfect!

Two words: Slippery Shrimp. As soon as you set foot in the restaurant, that should be the first thing on your mind. Yang Chow has been one of my favorite go-to restaurants in Chinatown unless I'm craving something that's not a traditional sit down Chinese meal like Phillippe's or Howlin' Rays. I tend to order way too much whenever I come here, so my recommendation is to bring at least 3-4 friends if you really want to go all out. The portions are enormous, so you will end up taking whatever you don't finish back with you for leftovers. As for recommendations? Aside from the Slippery Shrimp that I mentioned earlier, I love their Hot & Sour Soup, Kung Pao Chicken, Egg Rolls, Shredded Garlic Chicken, and the Szechuan Beef. I give the service a solid five stars every time I come here because I always get my food within ten minutes of ordering and I always leave with a full belly and a smile on my face. Can't complain about that! Only difficulty is finding parking... and that's if you get lucky and find space in the back. Other than that, enjoy Yang Chow and all the wonderful menu items that they have to offer!

1. The slippery shrimp was too sweet. 2. The server with glasses was very impatient when we tried order food because only two of us could speak English and the rest only spoke Italian. He was rude. The funny thing is the table next to us asked to switch another server for their table too. Is that coincidence? 3. We ordered sweet and sour shrimp due to religious reason, and they gave us chicken mixed shrimp. Plus, they did not wanna admit there was chicken in the plate.

Since this my must-go lists, based on more than 10 times visiting 10years ago, the hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant with delicious food and friendly atmosphere, and reasonable prices, I brought my close friends here even though they wanted to go dim sum place to catch up our latest and this restaurant as well on bright Sunday afternoon. Even though I rarely write negative reviews, 9 out of 340, I felt riffed off and ashamed as soon as I turned a pages: the pages filled with $20 for the small dishes, with the same tables, with the same deco. Only they added the celebs photos on the wall to provide the Riffing Off overture. That's why I told my friend who was gonna pay the Sunday lunch, we should select minimum dishes. I think the manager's thinly smile is more than $10 per plate.

Very delicious food. The portions are huge! We got Yang Chow fried rice, which means all three meats added to the rice (chicken, beef, and shrimp), slippery shrimp (per every yelpers advice on here) and chicken Kung Pao. There was three of us and we were all able to serve ourselves good size portions twice and still had a but left over! Everything was so good. The rice looks lighter than I'm used to but oh my it was so deliciously flavored. The meat in the rice was delicious as well, which is uncommon for meat in rice. The slippery shrimp... Honestly I could eat that all day and I could've ate it as a meal itself. It can be compared to honey shrimp, but better! Has a crunchy, sweet taste that just melts in your mouth. The chicken Kung Pao was delicious as well. Not spicy at all, wish it was a tad more but it was good. Chicken was cooked just right and all the veggies in the Kung Pao complimented the dish well. The service was 5 stars! I love when restaurants aren't about having waiters/waitresses assigned to certain sections but instead they all attend to everyone at the restaurant. We were checked on constantly but it wasn't overbearing. Our drinks never ran low. They were on top of it all. It is on the pricier side but for the huge portions you could definitely split the bill with a good size group. I would definitely return!

Great food, but seemed a little overpriced to me. The chicken fried rice was $13 and another entree was around $16. It felt odd paying these prices as there were other Chinese food places nearby that features $7.50 entrees, which came with a side of rice (ours didn't, tack on an extra $1.25 for that). Be prepared for there to be a wait, however it didn't take too long. They basically have it down to a science as to how to get people in and out of the restaurant at a good speed. Food was delicious, I just wish the prices were a little better.

It's good, but perhaps not all that it is cracked up to be. We had to wait outside for about 20 minutes, but as people have commented, once you order the food comes out in less than ten minutes. Not all of our food came at the same time, however. The infamous slippery shrimp (deep fried, plump shrimp that are then tossed in a tangy sauce) came out last. They were the highlight of the meal. Had the spicy eggplant, too, which was a winner. The shrimp fried rice was full of medium sized shrimp and was fine. For three dishes with tip it will cost about $60. The hype has pushed the prices up and it is overpriced for what you get.

On the advice of a friend, we ventured out to Chinatown to try Yang Chow. From what I'd been told, this Chinese resto has been around for a long time and its walls were filled with celebs who've dined here. The fam stopped by here for lunch one Saturday and arrived early in hopes of beating the crowd. True to what I'd been told, there were many framed photos of the owners posing with popular celebrities and well-known L.A. figures. Since we arrived soon after they opened we were shown right away to a table. My friend had recommended her fav dishes and we also looked through Yelp reviews to help us narrow down what we were going to order. We ended up getting the Slippery Shrimp, Orange Peel Beef, Garlic Green Beans, and Chow Mein noodles with chicken. Shortly after our order, our dishes started coming out (seriously, that was some lightning fast cooking...). Everything we ordered was good with the standout being the slippery shrimp - crisp, sweet, salty and slightly spicy. The portions here are very generous but they'd better be as the prices here per dish are steeper than what we normally put out for Chinese food. Service here is very fast and friendly. My son accidentally knocked over his water glass and a waiter quickly came by to clean it up and didn't bat an eye. He simply handled the mess and assured my son it was ok. Great customer service. We were glad we decided to eat early as the place filled up quickly soon after our food arrived. Overall this was a solid Chinese resto that we will keep in mind next time we're in Chinatown.

This was such a great surprise! Had such phenomenal food. We came around 12:15pm and it was super packed- great sign, that means it was a good place! Sat down and it was a fairly medium sized menu so there wasn't too much options to boggle your head! We got the mabo tofu and beef&broccoli. The tofu came out first and then the beef, which took about another 10 minutes. I was a tad upset at first, but the service was so great so I ended up giving this place 5-stars. We talked to a guy named Bobby (I think) and he was so sweet. Asked us about our day and had a really great conversation with him. The bathrooms were so clean too! This place is very home-y and I most definitely would come back here and recommend this to anyone!

When visiting L.A.'s Chinatown I was in for some good crispy pan-fried noodles. Thanks to Yelps search engine it found them here in Yang Chow. "Pan Fried Noodles with Chicken" ($13.95). This order may sound too simple, but it was crispy noodles done right. The plate is bedded with crunchy golden brown egg noodles, and its topped with light gravy over tender pieces of chicken and vegetables. It was really tasty thanks in part of the sauce that's delicious. It was one the best I've had. "Spicy Szechuan Wontons Soup" ($9.75). The chili sauce tasted mildly spicy and it's a combination of sesame oil and soy sauce. I believe the sourness is from the vinegar. Also, it has a garlicky flavor and you can already see its loaded of minced garlic. With all these ingredients blended in with the pork wontons, it can be difficult to finish the soup in one sitting. However, I began to really like it, only to eat all the wontons and leave out some of the soup. After awhile it's not bad at all. Don't let the outside of the restaurant fool you, it may look old and dated, but once inside this place it has a bit of a fine-dine atmosphere, which is nice. Also, you'll see portraits of famous people and politicians who had dined here in the past, sort of like a wall of fame. Yang Chow maybe famously known for their slippery shrimp, but they made famous on my first visit for Pan-Fried Noodles.

If you type in Chinese food in LA this places pops up and it is no surprise why. Located in China town near the heart of DTLA, it can look a little sketch when you walk up to it at night on a fairly empty dark street, but you will most likely find lots of people waiting outside. Parking is ample, either free or metered around it. There will be a wait and they don't take reservations so just be prepared for that. When you walk it, you are greeted by a flurry of conversation and lots of signed pictures of celebrities on the wall. Leave you name at the front and hang out outside until your number is called. Slippery shrimp: A must get! These shrimps have a sweet taste with a slight kick to them and are fried to be just a bit crispy on the outside and still juicy and delicious on the inside. Beef and broccoli: A dish you can't go wrong with ordering. Even for a person that doesn't eat beef, like me, I love the sauce and enjoy eating the broccolis. Vegetable Lo Mein: Another classic and done just right. My go to Chinese restaurant in LA even though it is a trek to get there from Santa Monica it is worth the trip every time!

The service was incredible. Our server, also the manager, was extremely friendly and attentive. He anticipated our needs and offered them before we could even ask. I can see why they have so many awards on their walls. We came in for lunch and was immediately served a complementary tea pot with hot, freshly brewed tea. The spring rolls were perfectly crisp and fresh they come in 4 with a side of sweet sauce. The main dish was lo mein noodles with shrimp. I don't think most people can eat a dish on their own because the portions are large . I think I'll order something different next time because the noodles didn't have much flavor and I'm not a spicy hot type of person so I didn't have much to add to it for flavor. But the reviews are great so I'll give them 4 stars and try again next time.

First time visiting this establishment. Came for dinner and got seated right away. We ordered wonton soup and sizzling plate of beef and scallop. Somehow we didn't get our wonton soup, we got some rice soup instead. Since we were short on time, no point in returning the soup and waiting again. Food overall is decent in taste and flavor. Price is high and food portion is average. Yes they do charge for rice. Service is friendly and quick. There is a small parking lot behind the restaurant. They automatically valet your car so make sure you get validation stamp from the restaurant before you leave.

Scrumptious! Had the slippery shrimp with a glass of plum wine and it was delicious! It may have been a tad more expensive than some other places (still cheaper than plum tree inn though) but the portions were still quite large and easily shareable. I was surprised by the service too, both me and the people around me seemed to have great service. There is often a wait but there's a reason for that, it's good! Plus it they seem to have a quick turnover. If you're a party of 1 or 2 they have a few small tables for that so you may not have to wait at all even if other larger groups are. I'd be back if I wasn't moving soon!

You have got to try this nice downtown Los Angeles place out! A couple of co workers and I yelped for the best Chinese food restaurant and Yang Chow did not disappoint. Apparently their slippery shrimp is the bomb!!! That will be something I will order next time. This time, I kept it simple since it was my first time, so I ordered the chicken fried rice, which was satisfying as well as delicious. I must say it tasted fresh and not greasy. My co workers ordered the shrimp fried rice and the chicken chow mein. Yang Chow, I'll be back!!

This is seriously the best Chinese food I've ever had. I absolutely crave their Slippery Shrimp and Szechuan Chicken dishes and come all the way to Chinatown just to eat here.

Hands down best Chinese food I've had in California. The wait was quite long (over an hr on a Sunday night) but totally worth it! The service was quick and very friendly. We ordered the slippery shrimp, general tso chicken, vegetable lo mein, and the green beans with chicken. There's over two hundred dishes so we went with familiar favorites. Everything was delicious even when we ate the cold leftovers the next day. It would be a fun spot to come with a group; get one of the large tables with a lazy susan and order one of everything. I'm ready to go back. I'm already considering driving over for takeout and I live on the westside.

Came here with a giant group. The staff was very accommodating and our food came out rather quickly. My favorite item was the orange shrimp. I also liked the sizzling beef and hot and sour soup. The restaurant has a very old school mom and pop feel which is comforting. Pink napkins and carpeted floors let's you know you have come to an authentic Chinese restaurant.

Went to Chinatown on 12/25 cuz Jews typically eat Chinese food on Xmas day since not much else is open. We decided on Yang based on its high Yelp ratings and because there was a massive line outside of the restaurant. The wait was 1.5 hrs. We figured that the hype must be real. We ordered: Szechwan beef - very yummy Vegggie fried rice - kinda bland Lo mein - not the greatest Slippery shrimp - wasn't thrilled Garlic chicken - meh Kung pao veggies - I didn't try this dish Veggie spring rolls - meh Overall, it was disappointing and the hype was not real. Definitely not worth the wait. However, very cheap!

Can't believe I've yet to review Yang Chow. Keeping it short and simple and so sweet. 9/2017 BEST SERVICE BEST CHINESE RESTAURANT I'VE COME ACROSS IN A LONG WHILE IN LA I've been here years ago and I've visited their Pasadena location. I can't remember it being this delicious or maybe it has just been such a long while for me to dine such flavorful Chinese that it just hit the spot. I brought a friend here to try some delicious Chinese. She fell in love with this place! Our menu choices were: Spring rolls (fried egg rolls) Sizzling Rice Soup for two (always a go-to) Slippery Shrimp (so crispy and so tangy/sweet perfection) Kung Pao Chicken (perfect flavor punch!) Shrimp Fried Rice (one of my all time faves!) Amazing service. Super busy restaurant but their staff is so quick and really just fantastic! We never had our water and tea glasses empty and it was such a hot day of shopping by the time we sat down to eat our first meal of the day. Absolutely loved our meal and we can't wait to be back. I won't wait another five years to return that's for certain!!

Yangzhou fried rice or Yeung Chow fried rice (Traditional Chinese: 揚州炒飯; Simplified Chinese : 扬州炒饭; pinyin (Mandarin): Yángzhōu chǎofàn, Yale (Cantonese): Yèuhngjāu cháaufaahn, Jyutping: joeng4zau1 caau2faan6) is a popular Chinese-style wokfried rice dish in many Chinese restaurants throughout the world. It is commonly sold in the UK as special fried rice and in the US as house fried rice.


The ingredients vary, but some of its staple items include:[1]

  • Cooked rice (preferably day old because freshly cooked rice is too sticky due to higher water content)
  • Cooked shrimp
  • Diced cha shao/char siu pork or lap cheong
  • Scallions (spring onions or green onions), chopped, including green end
  • fresh vegetables such as kai-lan, carrots, peas, corn, bamboo shoots, etc.
  • Egg
  • Bits of sea cucumber and crab meat

The peas may be a replacement for the green onions. Some recipes include Shaoxing wine. Some western Chinese restaurants also use soy sauce to flavor the rice, and add meat such as chicken.


Yangzhou fried rice is a perhaps the most well-known dish of the city of Yangzhou, Jiangsu province. The recipe was invented by Qing China's Yi Bingshou (1754-1815) and the dish was named Yangzhou fried rice since Yi was once the regional magistrate of Yangzhou. It is often served with thousand fish soup. There are two ways of cooking the dish in terms of the preparation of the egg scrambled. The first variation is known as "silver covered gold", in which the egg is scrambled separately before mixing with the rice. The alternative "gold covered silver" method is described as pouring the liquid egg over the rice and vegetables mix and frying the two together. Various traditions call for a rice–egg ratio of 5:1 or 3:1.[1]

Controversy regarding world record[edit]

In October 2015, as part of the 2500-year anniversary of the town of Yangzhou, an attempt was made in Yangzhou at beating the previous world record for fried rice set in 2014 by the Turkey culinary federation. The attempt, made by the World Association of Chinese Cuisine resulted in 4,192 kilograms (9,242 lb) of Yangzhou fried rice being produced by a team of 300 cooks.[2] The organisers initially planned to send the end product to five companies for consumption by their staff. However, about 150 kilograms (330 lb) of it ended up as pig swill as it had been cooked for four hours and was felt unsuitable for human consumption. As per organisers, the rest was sent to local canteens.[3] However, due to a part of it being sent to feed animals, the world record attempt was disqualified, as a Guinness World Records spokesman said that it had become obvious that the dish was not fit for human consumption.[4]

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