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All daily lessons, tasks, and resources are now posted to this website. Students should use their Ed account for all work for their class and submit completed work to  If a student is absent, he/she has until the following Monday to make up for missed summative work.  Parents, please ask your teen to show you their account to see missing assignments and due dates.  This website is used to help students with daily materials.  It is not intended to be a replacement for attending class.



Grade 10 History CHC 2D/P

Grade 12 Sociology HSB 4U

Grade 12 History on Film IDC 4UH

Grade 12 Philosophy HZT 4U

Grade 12 World History CHY 4U










Just a reminder to all Parents/Guardians, if your child or children are eligible for transportation you are responsible for looking up your children’s busing information using the Huron Perth Student Transportation Services web site. The busing information for the school year will be available on the web site mid August. Please check the Huron Perth Student Transportation Services web site frequently in the last week leading up to the first day of school as routes change daily during the last week. Login instructions are posted below for the site.

To look up your child’s bus information:

  • Go to the Huron Perth Student Transportation Services website at

Once you have entered the website:

  • Select the “Busplanner Web Icon”
  • Then select “Student Login” (Make sure you have selected the correct school year from the drop down arrow box in the top left hand corner of the page before you make an sections)

You will need the following to login:

  • Ontario Education Number (OEN)
    • This can be found on your child’s latest report card and should have 9 numbers
    • Only include the numbers – do not include hyphens
    • If the report card only has 8 numbers then include a zero 0 before the 8 numbers
  • Date of Birth
  • House Address Number or 9-1-1 Address
  • School Name
    • The School that the child will be attending in September
    • This can be selected from the pull-down list

When you gain access to the portal, you will be able to see such information as your child’s eligibility for bus transportation, the bus Route Number, approximate morning pick-up time and location, approximate afternoon drop-off and location, transfer bus information, School Bus Company and more.

If you think that the information contained within the portal is incorrect, please contact the transportation office at 1-888-871-7722 for more information.

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