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  • In addition, how Berrios’ case plays out — and is perceived by the public — also could have implications well beyond the down-ballot campaign for assessor.

    —hal dardick,, "Assessor Berrios heads to court to keep tax lawyers' campaign contributions flowing,"1 Mar. 2018

  • Important updates about your career at this time may have major implications, so keep your ear to the ground.

    —aliza kelly faragher, Allure, "What March's Capricorn Horoscope Means for You,"28 Feb. 2018

  • Technology like drones can help scientists and managers gather data fast enough to enable timely assessment of the implications of these changes.

    —Smithsonian, "When It Comes to Counting Wildlife, Drones Are More Accurate Than People,"27 Feb. 2018

  • But the broader implications of the parking squabble in Toronto remain thorny for car-sharing operations.

    —pete bigelow, Car and Driver, "GM’s Maven Extends Its “You Don’t Need a Car” Message to Canada,"15 Feb. 2018

  • The bureaucratic battle over governance has real-world implications in Oregon.

    —elliot njus,, "TriMet reverses, won't pull paper passes from stores this month,"8 Feb. 2018

  • The launch was a flashy and historic victory, but the feat has real world implications.

    —lee roop,, "Watch SpaceX send giant Falcon Heavy rocket into space,"6 Feb. 2018

  • The implication is pretty clear: When Trump attacked NFL players to get the racist wing of his base angry and frothy, everyone else heard the dog whistle, too.

    —luke darby, GQ, "Some Eagles Players Are Already Ruling Out a Post-Super Bowl Trip to the White House,"6 Feb. 2018

  • Perhaps your instinct is to spit out the narrative in distaste at its implications.

    —david murphy,, "Don't cringe at the Foles-Brady comps. It's what makes this Super Bowl great | David Murphy,"30 Jan. 2018

  • Hey yall - I posted this for last year's seniors...I hope it's useful to you guys as well!!  Check out the attachments too!

    General Comments (these are my suggestions after editing class of 2011's essays)

    • No YOU!!!!!!Either sounds accusatory or assumes WAY too much…makes essays vague and nondescript
    • Use specific examples….and clarify everything so that a 3rd party audience will understand.“The movie with Lionel in it”“This is not a pipe”Need more context details.(Context is all)
    • Connect to TOK diagram – use terminology!
    • Avoid huge sweeping statements or generalizations“The whole point of photography is to….”
    • Careful with vague language “we” is just as vague as “you” sometimes.

    Ex) “When the UN said there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, we went looking for them anyway.”Consider your audience.

    • Use the language of the prompt in your essay – especially in the intro.
    • Make sure to answer the entire prompt!This may mean dissecting the prompt itself:
      • Ex) prompt #5 asks you: “To what extent and the various areas of knowledge defined by their methodologies rather than their content?”


    Seriously consider the following checklists!!!


    1) Read the Introduction.  Do the opening sentences make you engage the the prompt immediately?  

    2) Is there a counter-argument in the introduction?Are there counter-arguments throughout the essay?

    3) Are TOK concepts identified and discussed explicitly in the body?

    4) Are the examples clear and relevant to your argument?  Are the examples factually accurate?  Is any information assumed?

    5) Are there a lot of examples that relate TOK ideas and subjects on the TOK diagram to concrete, real-world issues related to the prompt?

    6) Does the conclusion give you a sense of summary?  Does it consider the most reasonable angles/perspectives from which to discuss the implications of the prompt?  


    1)  Is the prescribed title exactly stated as given, with its corresponding number?

    2)  Does it have your last name and page numbers on the header of each page except the first one?

    3)  Is the essay double-spaced?  

    3.5) 1200-1600 words

    4)  Does it have a standard font?  Is it a 12-14 point size?

    5)  Is it printed in black ink?

    6)  Is the bibliography (if you have one) organized in a standard format?

    7)  Do all less common quotes have parenthetical citation (Last name of author, page number of source)?

    8)  Are all paragraphs indented?  Also, there should be no skipped lines in between paragraphs.

    9)  Did you use spell-check?  Read over the paper again to catch the mistakes spell-check cannot.

    10)  Did you check for obvious grammar mistakes, especially those that make it difficult to make sense of what you are saying?  Beware of run-on sentences and improper capitalization/punctuation as well.

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