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John Steinbeck / symbol / dog / Candy / Lennie / death / animal / George

Essay Topic:

Analyze the symbols of John Steinbeck’s “Of mice and men”.

Essay Questions:

What is the role of the animals in the novel? How does the fate of Candy’s ancient dog reflect Lennie’s fate? How have the dreams of each of the characters affected their present life? Is faith vital for survival?

Thesis Statement:

The symbolism of the Candy’s dog, Lennie accidently killing a puppy and George and Lennie’s dream of a farm are essential elements of the message of John Steinbeck’s “Of mice and men”.


Essay Introduction:

 John Steinbeck’s novel carries of lot of symbolism on its pages. It is owing to these symbols the author revealed the characters to the reader. One of the most important symbols of the novel is the symbolism of the Candy’s dog. As Candy’s dog is no longer needed and has given birth to new strong sheepdogs the only possible resolution is to kill the “unnecessary” animal. This killing is hidden behind the motive of not making the dog suffer. Once somebody becomes weak – he is no longer needed. Though Candy loves his dog he does not stop Carlson from killing it. The key of this symbolism is that Candy himself is an “old sheepdog” and Lennie becomes an “old sheepdog” at the end of the novel.


Paragrah exatract

   " Another strong symbol is that Lennie accidently kills what he likes. As Lenny like to pet everything soft he accidently kills a mouse, than a little puppy and eventually Curley’s wife. He happens to kill them only because he is stronger than they are. He does not realize his strength. The same way when Lennie becomes “weaker”, just like the puppy he accidently killed. The puppy was playing without knowing that his friend will kill him.

    Another vital symbol is that Lennie and George had a dream of a farm. This dream symbolizes the dream of each worker of those hard times to work and produce food for living and simply to be happy by being free from oppressions. It is hope and dreaming that gave George and Lennie strength to keep going."


Essay Conclusion:

All of the three symbols discussed above are crucial for the message which is delivered in John Steinbeck’s novella “Of mice and men” as they reveal the life of the people during the period of the Great Depression.


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In the novel, of mice and men, theer was symbolizm throughout the story. In the beginning of the novel the stting was perfect, like “The Garden of Eden”. LIke in “The Garden of Eden” there was a snake, and in this novel it slipped across the water sggestin possible evil to come. The rabbits on the other hand symoloized Lenny’s joy and goodness, and formed the bases of his dreams.

In the beginning Of Mice and Men, the story began looking like a perfect world. The author describes the setting as a wonderful place where “willows fresh and green with every spring: .(p.1) the perfect world resembles : The garden of Eden”, how everything was in place and the surroundin was in paradise.” ON the sandy bank under the trees the leaves lie ….among them”.(p.1) It was a wonderful place to be, because the setting is peaceful and no evil or wrond doing is happening. The snimals do not live in fear because the setting is perfect and it sounds accomadating to everyone and everything. All thought the setting was perfect in the beginning, there must be evil to come. As the snake was in “The garden of Eden” as a form of evil, there should be a form of evil to come further in the story.

Teh form of evin that appars in the setting is a snake. The snake also appeared in “The garden of Eden”, and if so tehre must be some sort of evil to come. When the snake slipped across the pool, it examined the scene like a submarine would when hunting down itz prey. The snake must of picked it’s target, like a submarine would. “a water snake alipped along on the pool, it’s head held up like a little periscope”.(p.7) And that someone that the snake targeted must have been Lenny, because he dies at the end of the story. As the snake slipped across the pool “the reeds jerked slightly in the current”. (p.7)When the snake moved across the pool and the reeds started to jerk, symbolizing the peaceful world being disrupted by an evil form. Moreover, the snake symbolizes evil and the negative energy in the story, but the dreams of rabbits and the farm, they symbolize good and bring positive energy to the story and Lenny’s mind.

Teh rabbits in the story symbolize Lenny’s innocent side. They also are a positive enery in the story. When the setting was described in the beginning, the rabbit appeared showing that they are a positive energy. “Rabbits comout of the brush to sit on the sand in the evening”.(p.1)Also the rabbits are a symbol of Lenny’s innocent side, because the rabbits do not mean to harm anyone but only are there to comfort Lenny’s caring side. The rabbits were also in Lenny’s dream of teh farm. All he wanted to do was to tend to the rabbits on the fam. “And I get to tend the rabbits”.(p.105)The dream of having a farm and rabbits was what drove Lenny in life. And when George would describe the farm again and again Lenny would become happy inside, and would picture the farm in his head. Nevertheless, Lenny’s dreams did not come true/was he dead at the end, of the story.

In conclusion, symbolism is used throughout the whole story, And “The garden of Eden” was a perfect world and so was the setting until the snake appeared. The snake was a form of evil and he disrpted the setting with his presence. The dream of the farm and tending to the rabbits was a wonderful dream, where Lenny’s imagination would go to when George told him of the farm.

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