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Absence Notification

If a student is to be absent from school for unplanned reasons such as illness, parents must call the school health Clinic (414-332-2861) as soon as possible to report the absence. When returning from an absence, students must report to the Clinic to obtain a re-admit pass. A voice mail message can be left at any time of the day or night. When calliing, please give name of caller, name of student, and reason for absence. Please do not call the clinic to request homework.

Permission to Leave School

A pupil who must leave school for any reason during the school day, including the lunch hours, should bring a note from his/her parent indicating the time they wish to be excused and the reason. He/she should take this note to the secretary in the Office BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF SCHOOL and get the Permission to Leave School Grounds pass. If the student is returning to the school that day, he/she should take the pass to the clinic to be signed before going to class.

If a student becomes ill during the school day and his condition is brought to the attention of the teacher, he/she may be brought to the health Clinic and attended by a health aide. If necessary, the parents will be contacted regarding the child's illness. It becomes the responsibility of the parent to see that a child is taken home in case of illness or for other reasons of dismissal.

Pupils will be excused only upon the request of parents because we do not wish to assume responsibility for injury to a pupil going to and from his/her appointment during the school day.

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