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“To be or not to be that a question. ” This saying is from a very famous poet called William Shakespeare. It means that we need to make choices when we face some questions and we need bear all the consequences and before we make choices, we need to

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Freedom of Choice

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mull. Sometimes, we can make choices by ourselves, but they can cause mistakes.

So, I think it costs society for people to have the freedom of making choices. I will show three examples of making choices and they are from a book called “The Giver”, a fictional story called “ Mermaid” and an article we read in class called “what makes teens drink”.

In the book, in Jonas society, a receiver called Rosemary, she ask to release because she think that she can’t bear too much pain and she think that release is just go to another community, but she doesn’t know release means euthanasia. She makes a wrong choice, that cause she dies and all of her memories return to the people in the community and cause disturbance.

Hans Christian Andersen writes the story called and it tell us that a beautiful mermaid save a prince’s life in the ocean, and she loves the prince but the prince doesn’t know he was saved by the mermaid, he thinks that the princess from another country.

The mermaid wants to meet the prince, she makes a decision that she lost her nice voice and she gets feet. But if the mermaid can’t get married with the prince, she will become bubble. Then, the prince meet her but he still think the princess save his life.

As the result of mermaid’s throat, she can’t tell prince. Finally, prince get married with the princess and mermaid become bubble. The article we read in class tells us that many minors drink in Nebraska and it is illegal. But major teens are not. So that is because of teen’s own choice and their parents don’t set the standard and rules very clear.

Pressure is the reason of teens

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Freedom of Choice

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drink and that may cause crime. Alcohol can affect decision-making and the body. So teens should know why underage drinking is not allowed. This information is from “The Torch Plpillion-LaVista South High SchoolPapillion, NE.”

I think it is not important that people make their own choices even if they make harmful ones. Relate to the third example, teens drink in Nebraska, they know what law is but they still do it because their parents give them too many chances to make their own choices. I think they are not adults, so they don’t have experiences and ability to make their own decision.

Alcohol can affect decision-making and the body and they can easily to get injured. If they get injured, they will regret forever. A small mistake can cause sad, so, parents should not allowed them to make their own choice. They are many costs of freedom of choice, just like the first example.

Rosemary choose to release, she lost her life, that makes the giver sad and her memories return to the people live in Jonas society, if people have memories, the organization of their community can not control them easily because people have minds. Maybe people will against the organization.

All of these results Rosemary has never think about. Nobody can stop her because of rules, so this freedom choice is harmful for people. I don’t think benefits outweigh the costs. Come back to Rosemary, although she will not bear all the pain, she lost her life, she can’t do anything and she makes others sad, she also break the balance of the community, there are too many costs and they are more important than the benefits. I think it is not possible to have too many choices because we can see the second example, mermaid loves the prince and she want to see him. There are only one way can see him and she need to pay a price.

Otherwise the mermaid will not lost her voice and her life, but she will never see the prince. That is impossible, so, she must make decision. But if someone stop her such as her parents, the result maybe different. Freedom choice can cause too many mistakes and most of mistakes can give super hits and harmful for the society. In conclusion, it is not important that people need to make their own choices. All of the choices need to have good results and most of people don’t think over their choices and cause serious mistakes. So it is costs society for people to have the freedom of making choices.

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Freedom of Choice

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Freedom Of Choice Essay

Freedom is probably one of the most misused words in the world today. According to the dictionary freedom is 'the ability to act without initiation of force or its threat being used against you.' Therefore having choices is not the definition of freedom, having choices is one of the consequences of being free.

Firstly, in today's society there are many restrictions on freedom of choice. If you are free, you have the ability to pursue your own happiness, and to make choices for yourself, which are needed for the nourishment of your own life.

One example of the restrictions in today's society is how gay and lesbians face widespread discrimination on the basis of their sexual identity, and so do people of trans-gender identity even though Australia's international human rights obligations require governments to try to eliminate such discrimination. Also, at this point in time same sex partners do not fall within the definition of 'spouse' in most employee compensation schemes. This shows that gay and lesbians in Australia are not free to their own choice of sexuality. It is beyond doubt that if the gays and lesbians today had freedom of choice this would not happen, they should clearly be aloud to do as they please as long as they don't become the ogresses that push their views onto others and expect others to adopt them.

Also, there are restrictions when it comes to the age of consent to sex. The legal age for a girl to have sexual intercourse is 16 and boy 18. This law is clearly respected by most because until the age of consent youth are not legally responsible for there own actions. In many cases society fits the bill and pays the price for their mistake eg. Child endowment.

Secondly, all humanity is entitled to enjoy freedom of personal choice. One form of...

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