Adjudication Case Study

The purpose of these case studies is to give participants an opportunity in a classroom or seminar setting to examine a series of articles that have been the subject of complaints to the Australian Press Council and then to consider these in light of the Press Council’s Standards of Practice.

Background is provided for each article selected, as well as a summary of the complaint made about it and of the responses of the publication in question. The conclusions of the Press Council’s Adjudication Panel are also provided.

Lecturers or seminar leaders should ask participants to decide whether in their view the publications acted in accordance with the Press Council’s Standards of Practice in publishing the articles in question.

The materials in this package are set up so that elements can be printed out or projected onto a screen and used in any order a lecturer or seminar leader thinks appropriate.

Teaching notes are available for this training materials package, to assist lecturers and seminar leaders in generating discussion. These were not in the first instance intended for distribution to participants/students. They are available by emailing a request to 

Case Study Archive

Below you can see our full case archive.

There are a total of 1503 cases in our archive


  • 1st February 2017

    Mailbox (Birmingham) Ltd v Galliford Try Construction Ltd [2017] EWHC 67 (TCC)

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  • 19th January 2017

    South Coast Construction Ltd v Iverson Road Ltd [2017] EWHC 61 (TCC)


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  • 13th October 2016

    Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd v Merit Merrell Technology Ltd [2016] EWHC B30 (TCC)

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  • 3rd October 2016

    Amey Wye Valley Ltd v The County of Herefordshire District Council (Rev 1) [2016] EWHC 2368 (TCC)

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  • 22nd September 2016

    Kilker Projects Ltd v Purton (t/a Richwood Interiors) [2016] EWHC 2616 (TCC)

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  • 1st September 2016

    Niken Construction Ltd v Trigram Carver Street Ltd [2016] EWHC 2232 (TCC)

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