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Cover Letter - get a range of Cover Letter Examples, CV Templates, Cover letter Examples and much more with this fantastic app. This app gives you lots of CV Templates and free resume templates that you can use to create your own killer Cover Letters.

There's help with the Application Letters, your CV Format and much more.

Make a cover letter with ease! Cover Letter Maker is an Android-exclusive app that allows you to create a professional cover letter in minutes. View your cover letter for free or use one of low cost in-app purchases to send your letter out to a recruiter.

Smart Resume Builder – a Free Resume App is an all in one solution for building Innovative and Leading Edge Resume, CV.

If this is the first time you are trying to write a professional resume, CV for finding your dream job, this free resume app will help you to get on a right track of best resume making. With the simple User-Friendly Interface free resume maker, allows you to build resumes in just about a minute with different Languages and different formats using our best app for making resume.

Smart Resume Builder CV Free Jobs has different types of Professional Resume Formats are available in resume creator app. You can also change your font size and style as desired in resume creating app. In resume application there are several resume formats included you can use them to help you create a great looking Resume CV to help you in your job search.

Using our professional resume maker write Your Resume, CV is very simple with our perfect resume maker! Just fill in the blanks to create resume, CV and Save as PDF file using our resume creator app.
Using our perfect resume maker, CV Free Jobs includes preview PDF and share to email option so you can email from your device.

Edit/Modify any field any time during the Resume Creation process by using our my resume app.
Smart Resume Builder, a professional resume maker allows you to add as many sections as needed and you can also edit the section heading in this perfect resume maker.

Free resume App builder uses PDF rendering technology so you can save resume as a PDF document in a best resume making app & a free resume app. This means you do not have to worry about resume losing the format when you send it by using our CV maker.

It aims to give you lots of help in writing a great my resume. Obviously, it includes Resume templates with customization of background font style and sizes in this make my resume app free.

From the available resume templates you can choose preferable resume format in my resume app free.
Make my resume app free, free resume maker app comes with Sample Profile which includes predefined data in it, which allows you to create resume very easy with this resume creator app.

You Can Email Your Resume Right from Your Android Phone using this perfect resume maker!

Smart Resume Builder, professional resume maker app guides you to create resume so that you can avoid mistakes while creating resume, which would cost you your job.

Make use of our free resume app and a free resume maker and build resume with a perfect resume maker

To easily write your Applications including your CV and a cover letter, there is an app. that will save you time.

After entering the relevant information in the provided fields, the giga-cv app automatically generates a clear CV in the PDF format, well presented and consistent with conventional requirements.

With a simple and intuitive interface, writing the cover letter is easy, it can even include your signature.


Look no further for a CV’s template, giga-cv offers a gallery of 12 styles, each with a real visual identity for a trendy CV.
Once your documents are ready, print them or send them by e-mail directly to your prospective employer from your smartphone or tablet.


A successful job application with giga-cv


Looking for an internship or for a first job? giga-cv offers a quick way to create a CV and a quality cover letter in a few clicks.


What’s New in Versions 1.5 & 1.6 (iOS only)

  • giga-cv now supports up to four different identities, with choice of language.
  • updating app to support IOS7 and iPhone5. revised design.
  • optimizing the size of PDF files including image or signature.
  • export your CV in JPG format.
  • sharing your resume in apps for your device supporting PDF format.
  • direct access to giga-cv blog: advice, CV examples, FAQ …
  • identities backup for future re-integration, including on another device.
  • PDF files supporting the following languages: simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Korean.
  • more colors for your resumes.
  • add-on pack of 8 styles of CVs (In-App Purchase).


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